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Our aim is  to make it easy for our organizers to set up and manage their events. However we are always there to help and so we invite you to reach out and let us know about any problems that you might be experiencing.


    Your event will be published immediately pending review. We reserve the right to unpublish events which do not fulfill our guidelines and policies.

    No, you cannot delete your event once it has been published. You can edit it if there is an error. If you want the event to be removed from the site, then we can unpublish it for you only after any outstanding refunds have been made to any purchasers if applicable

    Yes, ticket purchasers are able to edit the ticket information and transfer to others as long as they have a registered account on our site.

    Scanning your tickets is the most efficient way to check-in your attendees, however if you prefer you may also check in from your event management screen using you laptop or mobile by manually selecting each attendee as they arrive. You may also export a list of attendees and manually check off from the list.

    We can facilitate box office sales through the system for you at the gate and tickets will be emailed to the clients. We can also print tickets which can be manually sold at the on-site box office

    1. We can set up a private event page for you that only you will be able to access and create RSVPs invitations or FREE tickets for your special guests.
    2. You can also provide a promo/coupon code which will offer them up to 100% discount

    We will offer you up to 50 RSVPs or Free tickets without charge. After this you will be required to pay the applicable fees on any additional tickets.

    Yes, it will be possible to have private events that only those that are authorized will be able to access.

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    We connect you to a world of exciting events.
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