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J$ Raised

An advocacy campaign is designed to create support for a specific policy. The goal of an advocacy campaign might be to draft and pass a new law, amend an existing law, or reform an aspect of existing policy.

Awareness campaigns aim to educate people and raise public awareness about an organization’s cause or issue. The emphasis is on education about the nonprofit’s cause in hopes of raising support for it.



These campaigns relate specifically to collecting funds to advocate for change or to develop policies relating to the environment


These campaigns are designed to raise funds to create awareness, encourage change and develop polices regarding gender-related affecting both women and men including sexual harassment, gender discrimination, gender bias, unequal gender representation, gender stereotyping etc.


These campaigns are fund raising activities that relate to improving global health by focusing on factors that affect the health of people all over the world such as Pandemics, Environmental factors
Economic disparities, access to health care, Chronic Non-communicable diseases


These are campaigns focused on raising funds to support policies and awareness programmes relating to mental health




Animal Campaigns raise funds for animal-related causes, and allows individuals, NGOs, and corporate organisations to collect funds for a variety of expenses related to animal care and protection.


Treatment of pets for expensive medical procedures.


Funding of organizations that support the rescue and care of animals in danger.


Funding for groups, who advocate for programmes and activities to and protect animals such as example endangered species


Funding for animal adoption facilities who can receive funds to sustain daily expenses, including providing nutritious food, adequate hygiene and daily veterinary care.



An annual giving campaign is designed to raise funds for a non-profit organization and generally used to cover the costs associated with the non-profit’s day-to-day functions, so that it can stay up and running as it promotes other campaigns for specific projects that are centered around the non-profits broader annual fund-raising goals.


These campaigns are geared towards helping individuals achieve a special goal in life that often seems unattainable. Most people have these goals as wishes, and getting them would satisfy an important physiological or physical need. Whether the wish is to go on a glamorous holiday, be able to afford a life-changing medical procedure, or simply to get a laptop, wishes are more than a material object, and when that wish is granted, it brings about a deeply significant experience for the person wishing


These campaigns raise money for established non-profits and the funds are channeled to these organizations to support the causes that they support. (e.g., Cancer Society, Red Cross, United Way, various established business foundations, Food for the Poor etc)




This type of fundraiser is aimed at bringing a community together to raise money for a specific cause that is part of a specific community. Community fundraising taps into the experience and loyalty of the supporters of the community who are already invested emotionally in the cause and are therefore ideally placed to take a stronger lead in raising funds for the specific project. These can include school projects, church projects, various community infrastructure projects, community events, etc., will fall into this category.


These fundraising activities will support the infrastructure of the community including activities such as building repairs, community beautification projects, community signage etc


These campaigns will raise funds for activities such as education scholarships, school fees, school repairs, school buses and other expenses related to a community’s development and growth programme.


These campaigns are aimed at supporting activities that feed into the social and creative needs of a community and can include support for community events, arts and culture, literary programmes, cultural activities and more.


These campaigns will support a community’s spiritual development and growth and can include activities related to community outreach programmes, church repairs, spiritual counselling programmes, care of the elderly, support of the needy etc.


The aim of these campaigns will be to raise funds to assist sporting individuals or teams to reach their goal including training, travel for tournaments, purchasing uniforms and equipment, maintaining playfields and sporting venues. joining sports programmes etc.


Crowd Funding campaigns allow businesses, organizations or individuals fund a business with small donations from many people. By receiving the necessary boost to cash flow, these ventures can get off the ground or launch new projects. Most of these campaigns have set time frames for when money can be raised and disclose specific monetary goals. There are four kinds of crowdfunding campaigns you can use for your business. With donation-based funding, contributors give money without receiving anything in return. In equity funding, backers get shares of the business, debt-based funding, donors are repaid with interest, reward-based funding, contributors receive tokens, products or services in return for their donations.


These campaigns aim at fund-raising for a new business concept, often unproven and often initiated by a individual or small group.


These campaigns raise funds that are aimed at supporting a going business concern that may be in need of re-organization, re-financing etc.


Peer-To-Peer Fundraising that empowers individuals organize their own personal campaigns to raise funds for a worthy cause that they are passionate about by soliciting donations from their peers. It allows the individual to tap into their existing social networks which helps to expand the donor base, and increase community awareness about the cause.


These campaigns aim at kick starting the development of special projects. These might include a new invention, a new product or service


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