Dependability, Flexibility, Dedication & Trust Are Key To The Core Of Our Vision.
Teamwork Is The Engine That Will Drive Our Success

Touchstone Link, originally Touchstone Ticketing, is a website portal that connects event goers and event promoters to all types of events for business and entertainment. 

Our mission is to connect our clients and partners with the experiences that drive their passion.

Our vision is to become the preferred online platform through which event creators can seamlessly plan, promote and sell their events. 

Our belief is that no task should be insurmountable and we strive to innovate and create the solution to bring each client’s dream into reality.

Our Team

Together We Achieve More

Touchstone is run by a team of professionals with years of experience in event management and production, marketing, public relations and web services. Together they bring a combination of skills that allow Touchstone to provide a wide range of services, to be flexible, and to think outside the box. At Touchstone we believe that when the thoughts, the energy and the creativity of a coordinated team come together, it creates the platform for amazing results.

Marcia McDonnough

An Event Management Consultant with over 40 years of professional experience in fields ranging from the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, marketing, with over half of those years spent in the entertainment industry focusing on large-scale events such as music festivals and conferences.

Michael Creary

Michael brings over 30 years of experience in technical research and expertise to the team. His focus is on website development, website security and venue and gate operations management.

Maxine McDonnough

Maxine brings to the table over 40 years experience in the area of research, publications, content development and public relations.

Affiliate Services

Touchstone Link offers the following affiliated services.

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We connect you to a world of exciting events.
Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

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We connect you to a world of exciting events.
Stop Dreaming, Start Doing